Hi, I'm Junaid Mubeen


I am a mathematician turned educator.

Mathematician: studied and taught maths at Oxford, 2003-2011. Graduated with a Master's and PhD (Functional Analysis, not that it matters).

Educator: since completing my Master's at Harvard (2012), I have been immersed in the Education space, with a focus on innovation.

I believe we're getting maths education horribly wrong, and that many 'innovative' products amplify flawed pedagogy.

At the same time, a movement is underway to help students experience the uplifting version of mathematics that I fell in love with, and that is too often neglected in the curriculum.

I am committed to projects that bridge mathematics, education and innovation, and that seek to bring joy and illumination to every learner.

I am a long-distance runner and anagram enthusiast (the latter earned me a set of dictionaries on TV gameshow Countdown). I live in Oxford with my wife, a 10-minute walk from the UK's first board game cafe. Truly we are blessed.